Trinitarian Reformational

An integrated vision

3. The Idea of Providence

The third presupposition is that there is a purposiveness to events which makes it possible to speak of them in the first place. Even for those who deny any actual purposiveness to events, there is still the need, just for intelligible for communication to be possible, to speak ‘as if ‘this or that event has purpose. For example, speaking of an earthquake of volcano, the horror of destruction needs to be placed in a context where attempts are made to save lives and property, and deaths are mourned as if the lives of those lost have significance — horror and mourning makes no sense at all in the face of the insignificant. Even to grasp the event of the treading on an ant, or indeed the microscopic collision of two sub-atomic particles, one need to invest the death of an ant, or the collision of the sub-atomic particles, with sufficient significance for it to be registered as an event.

More specifically, the purposiveness of events is the work of the Holy Spirit, from the event of creation through the work of the regeneration of human hearts, to the transformation of the universe.


August 26, 2012 - Posted by | Christian Worldview

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