Trinitarian Reformational

An integrated vision

Presuppositions (or “Ideas”) Foundational to any Philosophy

This vision of God’s creative, redemptive and transforming action in the world provides the basis for the way we should understand the world and our life and work in it. Religion in this regard is that which shapes and governs our worldview and gives rise accordingly to the Ideas (capital I) or presuppositions upon which any philosophy is grounded.

The transcendent vision (that is, the vision given us on the basis of biblical revelation) gives rise to three presuppositions which are necessary for any Christian philosophy, or indeed, provide the basis of any philosophy in general.

Any philosophy, Christian or otherwise, proceeds on the basis of presuppositions, which are rooted and grounded in a basis religious conception of the world.  This conception of the world might lay stress on the Origin of all things, or it may lay stress on the way al things related to one another, or it may stress the process of all things.



August 26, 2012 - Posted by | Christian Worldview

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